As printers we have to frequently upgrade our artwork software to be able to accept the most recent versions of artwork from designers for print.

As of this 5th November 2015, we have upgraded to the very latest Adobe Creative Suite which is now paid by monthly license subscription (so we will always be fully up to date with any Adobe product).

There are many great many exciting improvements to the Adobe Creative Suite but this latest upgrade has two particular elements which we would like to highlight.

Firstly, we now have licensed access to which is a huge library of pictures and images to rival the likes of iStock, Shutterstock and others. This will greatly enhance our own in-house design capability for web and brochure work and anyone can search the website and select images for us to use. Please do browse the website. We are able to use images in proofs for brochures and not pay for them until final approval (so we can try things and change them easily too).

Secondly, our new package includes the program Adobe Muse which is a website creation tool aimed at those with In Design artwork skills. It will enable us to create professional websites without the usual need for a web-based design knowledge. Surprisingly, until now, the skills needed for artwork for print are very different to the knowledge needed to create websites, so we have always been wary of offering web-based design.

Although we will not try to pretend we will immediately be web experts, David has been using Muse to produce a new website we will shortly be launching aimed at online sales of Reply Paid Envelopes and the results are very encouraging. We would be pleased to offer web page design assistance if required.